What Makes Us Different?

The Butcher Shop has a simple vision. To bring you the finest cuts of meat direct from the paddock to your plate. Our lifelong obsession takes us from Murrumbidgee to King Island, where we source only the best produce to sell to our customers.


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Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten

Not just any meat makes the cut at The Butcher Shop. We are passionately committed to bringing you only the finest, premium, prime-cut meat. While others may compromise quality in pursuit of cheaper prices, we place our produce and product above all else. Quality meat, from the paddock to your plate, that’s our promise.

From your warm and inviting welcome when you walk through the door, to the satisfying eye catching display of culinary delights, to the personalised tour through the seemingly endless variety of meat products, to the tailored preparation and cooking advice to the ear to ear smiles on the faces of your guest as you present your meal, we can assure you that your experience at The Butcher Shop is one you will never forget.


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